Our Services

Serviced Apartments is the first and foremost service that we provide.
It is the most basic function and engine of our organisation.Our service can be well defined as ‘providing living facilities by adapting the suitability of a home’.
We recommend our Service apartments for those who want to experience absolute tranquillity after a busy day at an unknown city.
Our apartment is facilitated with a variety of rooms for the variety of guests we are expecting.
Facility is designed in such way that a tourist family can live as comfortably as a bachelor visiting the city for work.
With a minimalistic approach we ultimately try to help our guests to save up their funds.
But in no way it means providing fewer services than a Hotel. The only difference is in our approach which is more domestic than commercial.

For food, we provide kitchen with a concierge on duty, instead of restaurants.
One can either ask the Concierge to prepare food or can cook their own according to their needs.
We provide a separate laundry facility which one can use at their own convenience.
One need not carry the extra burden of extra clothes and additionally for your general information, clean clothes actually lowers the overall weight of your suitcase.
One of the biggest advantages that our Serviced Apartment provide is separate office rooms for your formal business meetings and drawing room where a family can invite friends and relatives living in the city.
Not to ignore the one call away room services and also the availability of an on call doctor.

In short we strive to create a familiar and suitable environment just like your home away from your home.
Much detailed information has been discussed in the ‘About Us’ section of our website where one can learn various other services and external advantages of living in our Serviced Apartment.

Our Facilities


We provide swift laundry service to maintain with the time table of our guests. The service is very appropriately designed to fit into the busy schedule of a tourist with very minimal cost incurred by them.


Our bedrooms are cleaned professionally and linens are changed on a daily basis. Cleaning service of your room will occur at your convenience besides that if a guest requires it further at any other time of the day; our services will be available without any hindrance.


We perfectly understand the habit of tea. This is the reason why each and every room is well equipped with Tea-kettle set so that guests need not take the trouble of ordering tea several times a day.


A service adopted from the European lodging systems which perfectly fits into the modern Indian lifestyle now. It can prove to be very useful for the guests staying for a longer period and also for the ones who love doing their own laundry.


Hair dryer is one of the most required services in a city like Mumbai. The damp weather and saline air from the beaches can make your scalp oily and hair frizzle. If you have forgotten to pack your hair dryer then no need to worry as we provide one on request.


In the end the well being of our guests is our Top most priority. For your information our front desk is highly active and will immediately provide you with medical services and assistance in case of an emergency.