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Service apartments in Mumbai may sound as a new concept but in reality it’s a decade old business that has been booming in the suburbs as well as in the main urban areas of Mumbai. For instance the Service apartments in Bandra always remain in high demand because of multiple factors. The primary reason being, Bandra is one of the important centres for many businesses functioning in Mumbai.
The secondary reasons being, the luxury yet homely services provided in a reasonable price.
Upon learning this one might surely question the Bandra Hotel booking services and might enquire about various Hotels in Bandra East to support their limited travelling budget. For that matter they might also enquire majority of Hotels in Bandra. But to their surprise, they will ultimately learn that Service Apartments in Bandra are providing better and more suitable services at very prices much lower than the hotels.

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Service Apartments in Mumbai

The concept of Service apartments has seen a favorable growth in the last decade, not only in Mumbai but in other big cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi and Hyderabad. Undoubtedly it is getting popular amongst the younger generations especially among the bachelors but it can be very favorable for a family also.

     The primary objective of Service apartment is to always help you cut down your travel budget and to make your stay more suitable and luxurious may not be like a hotel but not less than a Hotel also.
It primarily believes in creating familiar environment far away from your home.
     Unlike the hotels it provides luxurious facilities but in a cost effective way.
This can also be categorized as providing practical solutions for the problems faced by a person while travelling to another city; problems like laundry service are a major headache. People usually don’t use this service provided by Hotels as they are expensive and takes greater amount of time than usual. So they use the old trick of clogging their suitcases with dirty clothes.
But the case is very different in Service apartments. 

     We provide independent facilities where one can do their laundry at their own convenience.
     We also understand the need of good food. No doubt Hotels provide tasty food but one can really trust their quality in terms of freshness. It is openly known to the people that the kitchens in Hotels practice an unhealthy style of cooking. Suppose one have to stay for a longer period of time, and then they cannot rely on the hotel food. Even if they did, it will stop providing that satisfaction and may lead to health problems like indigestion. All this creates a mental pressure indirectly on a person who is visiting a big city like Mumbai. To solve this problem, Service apartments have strived and achieved a balanced method. We provide kitchen and a concierge with it where one have the option to either ask the concierge to prepare food for them according to they can bring in their own groceries and cook their own food in their own style.  

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Check out now our best rooms – Welcome Home Serviced Apartments offers luxuy service apartments in mumbai for short stay and extended stay in Mumbai with all facilities.

     Our Concierge will be at service for 24 hours and can even ask run errands too.
Besides that an on call doctor is always available and not to mention the Twenty-four hours Wi-Fi and electric supply in your well –furnished rooms. For instance, many a times when you are in a city to conduct a business meeting, you reserve a table in a restaurant which adds up to your cost. And to save the extra cost if one conducts that meeting in their private hotel room, it can come out as inappropriate.

     Service apartments have managed to find the perfect balance to such aspects of modern lifestyle.
As we provide office rooms where one can conduct their meetings very formally.
We even provide separate drawing rooms so that a family can even invite all their relatives and friends living in the city to catch up and have a chatty evening without spending thousands on restaurants.
On the other hand when you retire for the evening and proceed to your bedrooms you find clean linen bed-sheets and your room being professionally cleaned.
In other words you get the best of both worlds, a suitable environment like your home with the availability of room services in just one call. 

     Although the Service apartments have a commercial point of view but it always strives to give a person suitability and familiarity like a home.
The corridor of Service Apartments will seem less crowded and less busy than Hotels but that is what serves our purpose to create a Home away from your Home.


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