We provide Service Apartments in Bandra.

And the concept of Service Apartments is intended primarily to provide you a more suitable and homely living facility.

If you are aware of this fact and looking for a Service Apartments to stay then you have come to the right place. A variety of practical services is provided by us that can be considered different from the services that Hotels provide, but also assure the best value for your money.

Apart from being suitable, it is very budget-friendly.

Located in one of the most prime locations of the Mumbai, which is Bandra.
In recent times Bandra has emerged as the hub of many industries, starting from Film-Production Houses to Head Offices of major corporations. Besides that Bandra is the easiest and shortest link to the Old Bombay Town as well as to the fast growing suburbs of the Mumbai like Andheri.

It is believed that a person living in Bandra can avail all the facilities and services of the city very easily and efficiently. So, if a person is visiting our city for work or for leisure we will highly recommend them to stay in Bandra as one can perfectly experience the true spirit of Mumbai.